Cooperative Projects w/ Warsaw Bauhaus: Gropius Granary/ PL+US (Plan: Jefferson + Kosciuszko / GrAmerica: Curie + Meloney CrowdFunding)

In 2014 we started to collaborate with Warsaw Bauhaus -an incubator of new trends in performing arts in Poland’s capital, Warsaw. Together we have worked on a number of independent, grass-root collaborative projects including an on-going series of multidisciplinary ephemeral actions called Arden2-Utopia. ( featured below are the Utopia workshops we ran at at ALTA Space in Prague, Czechia and at Petra Neamt Theatre Festival in Romania )

In 2021 Arden2 and Warsaw Bauhaus began collaboration on the Gropius Granary revitalisation project. This is a multi year and multi level cooperation involving revitalizing process for the Gropius Granary: the future Educational and Arts Center in NorthWestern Pomerania. Arden2 is focused on facilitating international support to address all conservancy issues.To find out more about the Gropius Granary Project please visit

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